Become confident when deciding about salaries

The data products from Plata.ba will help you harmonize salary expectations of both candidates and employees with your remuneration possibilities.
The Salary Report is suitable for a one-time determination of the salary level on the selected position. The Salary Tool is suitable in situations when you are looking for data for a bigger number of positions.

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Why trust the Plata.ba salary survey?

Number of actual salary profiles

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Number of job positions included

Make your decisions on the basis of relevant data

What is the collecting data methodology on Plata.ba?

Since the launching of the online salary survey in Slovakia in 2007, we have been constantly improving the collecting data methodology. About 70% filled-in questionnaires from real users get into the cleansed database, so that we are able to eliminate duplicity or extremes.

Since 2018 we have been calculating the amount of salaries with the help of quantile regression that takes into account connections between positions, regions, sizes of companies, education, work experience and age. The regressive statistical model enables us to estimate the amount of salary also with a low number of respondents in the desired sample, if there are at least 20 valid filled in questionnaires.

How we collect data

Salary tool for the remuneration strategy

The salary tool is designed for professionals who need to set remuneration for more employees in a short time. It gives you confidence when making strategic decisions thanks to information directly from the job market and it saves your precious time.

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Salary reports for other countries

Find out what salaries are in other countries

The Salary tool allows you to access salary data for all positions included. This is a unique tool as it enables you to access information for other countries as well as your own.

You can access salary data in any country from one account. With more countries, you will get a discount on one-year's access to the Salary Tool.

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Cumulative positions

Compose an employee's salary from the multiple roles he/she performs.

Get an overview of salaries in selected positions that your employee performs. It also takes into account the region, industry, work experience and size of the company.

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Functions of the Salary Tool


We have been collecting the data since 2007 and we keep on improving the processing methodology

Data from people

The filled out questionnaires go through a strict check-up and cleansing of the data

Benefits overview

The tool also contains an overview of employees' financial and non-financial benefits

Cumulative positions

If the employee performs more than one activity from different positions, the module allows you to get an overview of salaries in all positions on one screen.

Intuitive interface

In a simple way you will be able to prepare the remuneration foundation on your own

Clear data arrangement

The outputs from the tool are clear and easy to understand, which also our clients acknowledge

Data accessibility

Thanks to the online solution people from the team have an unlimited access to the data

Regular comparison

Automatic quarterly comparison of employees' salaries with salaries on the market

Saving the setting

The option to save selected job positions and go back to them anytime

Export of reports

If needed, the report can be generated or printed out in the PDF format

Salary report PRO for setting the salary

The salary report PRO represents a relevant source of information for HR specialists and professionals who need a foundation for an efficient salary setting of a potential but also a present employee.
The salary report PRO contains the gross salary on the job position by region, education, work experience or age, apart from the total salary it shows the amount of individual salary components and non-financial benefits.


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Salary tool

Foundation for setting employees' salaries and for the remuneration strategy

Unlimited number of job positions for 1 year

  • Salary on the position by region, education, work experience, company size, age
  • Distribution of respondents iinto salary ranges
  • Salary span
  • Itemization of all 16 monitored non-financial benefits
  • Analysis of financial benefits

  • Export of reports into PDF
  • Saving reports in the account for later use
  • Regular comparison of an employee's salary with current salaries on the market
  • Email and phone support

2,000 BAM*

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Salary report PRO

Basis for a job interview or an evaluation interview, or for reassessing an employee's salary

1 job

  • Salary on the position by region, education, work experience, company size, age
  • Distribution of respondents into salary ranges
  • Salary span
  • Itemization of all 16 monitored non-financial benefits
  • Analysis of financial benefits

  • One-time full salary report
  • Sent email with a link to the report and its PDF version

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